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Waterproof Cosmetic Labels

Superior Quality Waterproof Cosmetic Labels

Today, store shelves are overwhelmed with a range of diverse beauty and personal care products that consumers must sort through in order to find the best item for their needs. With the immense amount of products on retail shelves, it is important to make sure that your unique product stands out on the shelf. Even more so, it is essential that your product catch the eye of your preferred consumer. So, what is one important way to ensure that your target customer finds your amazing product on the shelf? Waterproof cosmetic labels are eye catching, highly functional and made to last.

Since 1977, Adcraft Labels has been dedicated to providing superior quality products and the best customer service possible. Over the past 30+ years, our waterproof cosmetic label company has evolved to support our range of customers by adding rotary screen-printing services, high-end embellishments, security-printing products and more. We are committed to staying on the forefront of all of our customers needs present and future. Each member of our experienced team, from customer service representatives to press operators, has a significant role at our waterproof cosmetic label company. We operate by ISO9001 and CGMP standards to ensure that every one of our products is made with consistent quality and attention to detail.

Premium Waterproof Cosmetic Labels & More

Our skilled and reliable team at Adcraft Labels strives to provide each of our unique customers with creative and functional waterproof cosmetic labels. A visually appealing and practical waterproof cosmetic label means increasing sales and attracting new customers. Your business depends upon striking labels that stand out on the shelf and making your unique product shine. Our waterproof cosmetic label company’s goal is to help you design labels packaging that will enhance your brand identity while simultaneously improving product sales.

Our waterproof cosmetic labels can be customized for various types of containers such as jars, tubes, bottles and other types of flexible packaging. When it comes to your waterproof cosmetic labels, each kind of material will influence the overall coloring of the product. Consequently, color management is extremely important for all health, cosmetic and beauty products. Adcraft Labels has its own in-house ink lab, which means that our experienced team can help formulate the perfect solution for your waterproof cosmetic label.

The award winning staff at Adcraft Labels has extensive experience in producing highly embellished, color critical waterproof cosmetic labels. Our innovative printing techniques allow us to create nearly any look. Whether you choose Custom Foils, Textured Varnish, Cast ‘n Cure, No label look clear, Rotary Screen Color Logic or Extended Content labels, and our patented 3D effect labels, our experienced team will guide you in choosing the best options to achieve your desired look. For more information about waterproof cosmetic labels and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.