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Wash-Away Labels

Wash-Away Labels

They won’t wash off the shampoo bottle but will wash off in the recycling process.

Wash-Away Labels are the Solution

Same Look • Eco-Friendly • Same Price Point

  • Wash Away Labels are identical in quality and performance to traditional label solutions
  • Wash Away Labels deliver high performance in challenging environments without sacrificing recyclability
  • Wash Away Labels are ideal for food, beverage, home, and personal care packaging using PET containers
  • Best-in-class wash-off technology to maximize the recyclability of PET containers. The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has recognized Wash-Away Labels as exceeding their strict standards for recyclable label products.

Adcraft’s Wash Away Labels are available in clear, white, and metalized materials to suit various decoration needs.

Benefits of Wash-Away Labels

The use of Wash-Away Labels is essential for ensuring PET products are recyclable. A Wash-Away Label can be removed easily and will not disrupt recycling.

  • Wash-Away Labels separate cleanly from PET flake during the standard PET recycling process.
  • Adcraft’s Wash-Away Labels separate cleanly from PET containers and float during the washing process allowing high-value, clean recycled PET flakes to be recovered.
  • Wash-Away Labels are particularly important for ensuring PET products are recyclable. A Wash-Off Label can be removed easily and will not disrupt the recycling process.

4 Ways Wash Off Labels Increase Recyclability 

Many brands that use PET for packaging have targets of reaching 100% recyclability by 2025. While PET is fully recyclable, incompatible label materials and adhesives affect the recycling process and contaminate the recycling stream, thus making it difficult for companies to meet their goals. Incompatible label materials and adhesives impact the recycling process and contaminate the stream. Wash-Away Labels from Adcraft Labels are the way forward in maximizing the recyclability of PET recycling. 

Wash off labels from Adcraft Labels, are designed explicitly for PET and contribute to the increased recyclability of the containers in several ways: 

  1. Facilitates Label Removal: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) containers are commonly used for various products, including beverages, food, and personal care items. These containers often come with adhesive labels that can be challenging to remove during recycling. Wash-off labels make it significantly easier to separate the label from the container.
  2. Reduces Contamination: Adhesive labels can leave residue on PET containers, contaminating the recycling stream. Such contamination can impact the quality and integrity of the recycled PET material. This contamination creates impurities in the PET material and is of less value. As the product packaging goes through the recycling process, the contaminants can cause discoloration. This will lead to the eventual breakdown of the PET material. Wash-off labels mitigate this issue. As a result, the recycled PET remains pure, maintaining its quality and ensuring it can be reused in various applications.
  3. Simplifying Label Removal: Removing adhesives is a significant component of the cost of recycling PET containers. By simplifying the label removal process, wash-off labels make the recycling of PET containers more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  4. Encourages Consumer Participation: Consumer participation plays a vital role in successful recycling efforts. When consumers are educated about how the label on the container they are using will wash off during the recycling process, they find it easier to contribute to the recycling process. The simplicity of label removal encourages individuals to dispose of PET containers properly. It increases the likelihood of them being recycled. By actively educating and engaging consumers through user-friendly recycling practices, wash-off labels promote a sustainable mindset and reinforce positive environmental behaviors. 

Wash-off labels designed specifically for PET containers enhance their recyclability by facilitating label removal, reducing contamination, simplifying the label’s removal, and encouraging consumer participation. These labels contribute to a more efficient and sustainable recycling process, allowing PET containers to be effectively recycled and transformed into new products, reducing waste and conserving valuable resources. 


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