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Release Liners

As a label printing company, we understand that release liners are an important factor in the performance of laminates. A high quality liner is key to ensuring that labels convert and dispense properly and effectively. Another role of quality release liners is minimizing operational costs.

Which liner is right for your label printing project? Your particular label printing project may call for high line efficiency and good tear resistance, or perhaps recyclability. From paper to film liners and beyond, Adcraft Labels works with a wide range of release liners to deliver the highest quality product.

We are pleased to partner with Avery Dennison and share this valuable information related to release liners with our customers:

Paper Liners
Paper glassine liners that use our super high calendered uncoated papers are the standard in many markets. Our Kraft liners have a single-sided clay coating to suit both automatic dispensing and manual applications. These liners are particularly useful where good lay flay characteristics are important—such as when products are intended for laser printer, photocopier or ink-jet printer use. Kraft liners are also well suited to applications where a high-quality back imprint is required. They are available for paper as well as filmic facestocks.

Filmic Liners
The use of filmic liners has grown rapidly since their introduction in the 1990s. Superior dispensing, high machine efficiency and the potential for a ‘no-label’ look are just some of the attractive qualities of filmic liners. Also, filmic liners are thinner and easier to recycle, allowing users to reduce waste and save on disposal costs. Avery Dennison continues to develop and optimize an entire range of filmic liner options with outstanding performance and benefits.

Additional Information About Release Liners

Please visit our partner Avery Dennison for additional information about liners.