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Smart Label

Interested in Premium Smart Labels?

Smart Labels from Adcraft Labels can take your brand or product to the next level! Founded in 1977, Adcraft Labels is a leading smart label company servicing Southern California and beyond. In order to meet the needs of both the booming Medical and Electronic industries, we dedicated ourselves to cultivating superior quality flexographic printing. Since then, Adcraft Labels strives to meet the needs of other industries, including: Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Consumer Goods, and Security Printing- all of which benefit from smart labels.

“Smart labels” is a term used to describe a label that showcases an identification code, which contains more advanced technologies than conventional bar code data. Smart labels encompass some of the latest innovations in technology and smart phone applications. QR codes, a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares used for storing URLs, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags, specifically configured RFID tags and more are just a few examples of smart labels.

Smart labels and digital labels in general are popular options for a wide range of industries and products. Some of the advantages of smart labels and digital print include the high quality, minimal set-up time and fees as well as its adaptability towards short runs and multiple version changes. Additionally, the fact that no printing plates are required due to the copy being generated by a digital file is quite favorable. Adcraft Labels has a range of paper stocks available for you to choose from. Smart labels and digital printing provides reliable options for:

  • Variable data
  • Paper or plastic material
  • High definition printing
  • Super opaque
  • Inks

Top Provider of Smart Labels & More

Over the past 30 years, our smart label company has evolved to support our range of customers by adding rotary screen-printing services, high-end embellishments, security-printing products and more. We are committed to staying on the forefront of all of our customers needs present and future. Each member of our experienced team, from customer service representatives to press operators, has a significant role at our label company. We operate by ISO9001 and CGMP standards to ensure that every one of our products is made with consistent quality and attention to detail.

We believe that each team member, from press operators to customer service representatives, plays a crucial role in the success and production of the best quality product for your brand. We also reinvests in state of the art equipment so that all departments utilize the latest technologies while keeping all processes in house for tight control.

For more information about smart labels and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.