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The Science Behind Increasing Your Product’s Shelf-Appeal

For most of the 20th century, consumers were very brand loyal. Cosmetic industry leaders had the consumer’s trust, and their products were the products of choice. Many of today’s consumers are on the lookout for something new and different. 

While shopping, today’s consumers are confronted with tens of thousands of products competing for their attention. To reach these consumers, you must understand the science behind increasing your product’s shelf appeal.

Learn how the sense of touch, how the mind interprets color, and how “attractiveness” shapes consumers’ buying decisions.

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Increase the Shelf-Appeal of Your Products

The Neuroscience of Touch

Touch is one of the five senses that dictate how we perceive the world around us. Brands that really know how to engage their customers have mastered the science of touch. Think of how Apple lets everyone walking around in their store touch and interact with their products.

Impactful labels that cause consumers to reach out and pick up your product forge memorable and meaningful connections between the brand and the customer.

What does the research show? According to renowned neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman, touch has a profound effect on the consumer’s mind.

  • The simple act of touching objects, like a label or package, subconsciously increases the perceived value of the brand and its products in the eyes of customers
  • One-touch can significantly influence our judgment of something
  • Touch has the power to shift the brain into a deeper level of engagement, one more conducive to building lasting knowledge

An impressive label that is unique and memorable is one of the best ways to attract new customers and guarantee that your product
stands out on the shelf.

Engage the Consumer’s Sense of Touch


Appeal to your customer’s sense of touch by using unique substrates like Birch or Cherry Wood veneer label material. Its surface has just enough hand-feel that you know it’s real wood but is smooth enough to be printed upon.

In addition to wood veneer facestocks, you can also consider metalized substrates:

  • Bright Silver Metalized Paper
  • Dull Silver Laminated Foil
  • Bright or Dull Gold Laminated Foil

Numerous textured facestocks will engage your customer’s sense of touch, including papers with laid, vellum, or linen finishes.

Digital-Hybrid Embellishments

In addition to unique substrates, digital-hybrid embellishments, used in conjunction with traditional flexo embossing techniques, will engage the consumer’s sense of touch. These can include:

  • Screenprint quality in look and feel, thus eliminating plate & screen costs
  • Textured inks that give tactile effect without varnish
  • SoftTouch Finish
  • Tinted foil
  • Embossing
intricate die cut labels

The Neuroscience

of Color

Researchers know that certain colors provoke strong emotional feelings. Blues and purples are more pleasant and calming than yellows, and greens are the most arousing. Other research shows that colors and shape combinations, especially those that contain color hues such as brown, yellow, black, and green, in labels with salient rectangular and hexagonal patterns attract significant attention from consumers.

A study focused on millennials found that their perception of the taste and quality of the wine differed significantly once they evaluated the label and then tasted the wine. The results showed that font style, eye-catching front label, and the color of the bottle affected their purchasing decisions.

Color and the Advantages of Digital-Hybrid Technology

Vibrant CMYK inks, digital super-opaque white ink, branded Pantone® colors, and colored foils, available with Adcraft’s digital-hybrid press and our JetFlex TechnologyTM workflow, rivals that produced by other digital presses or screen- printing. This provides brand owners the ability to create eye-catching labels that use multiple colors on multiple facestocks including clear labels. This is a huge improvement over traditional flexo, screen, and digital printing.

Personalization with Digital- Hybrid Technology

The ability to create unique promotions for specific retailers is gaining popularity. JetFlex TechnologyTM makes it possible to create the ultimate in customer communications and personalized packaging.

Speed & Cost Savings

 JetFlex Technology™

Adcraft Labels’ digital-hybrid press and our JetFlex Technology™ workflow combine the best capabilities of a digital press with the best qualities of a flexo press and the opacity of screen print, all in one pass and all inline.


True Pantone® Colors & More

There are significant advantages to producing labels with the flexographic process. These include the ability to print true Pantone® colors, the ability to apply embellishments such as cold foil, and incorporating operations like die-cutting, all in-line.

There are many advantages to digital label printing including the ability to reduce inventory costs and obsolescence by moving to short-run, on-demand printing, integrating variable data, and the reduction of your carbon footprint due to make-ready waste reduction. With JetFlex Technology™ you now have the best of both flexo and digital.

All In One Pass

Up until now, if you used a vendor that produced your digital labels using HP Indigo or Xeikon equipment, you were probably paying extra for your embellishments and finishing operations. This is because printing the label is just one part of the job.

Most digital presses use offline converting. It is what they call “near-line” companion converting systems. Thus they take the paper or substrate off one piece of equipment and put it onto a different piece of equipment to finish the job.

This takes additional time and effort, which is passed on to you in higher costs. At Adcraft Labels, with JetFlex TechnologyTM, we can produce your digital label, with all of its flexo embellishments, in-line, and on one machine.

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