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Expert Color Management


Expert Color Management

At Adcraft Labels, we believe quality is not controlled it is achieved. Thus we have taken time to develop and implement quality systems that assure your peace of mind. Our approach to color management goes beyond matching a Pantone book. For color critical jobs, we consistently hold a 1.0 delta reading on color while the industry standard is a 1.5 reading. In addition, we are part of a small select group of labels and packaging printers that hold GMI certification for color.

An In-House Ink Department Makes All the Difference

Brand owners understand the critical need for color consistency. We understand that in order to maintain your brand image across various types of containers color management is more than color match calibration. Some containers are clear; some contain textures. Others containers have unique shapes; still others are ridged or squeezable. Inks, by nature, are translucent and can be affected by the color of the container and even the color of the product inside the container. Understanding which materials and finish to use on each individual product is key. That’s why Adcraft Labels has its own in-house ink lab. And, our lab goes way beyond mixing inks. The staff in our ink lab can actually formulate a unique ink solution for your specific product so it will have the look and feel you desire.

We also understand that some ingredients like alcohol and essential oils can attack the barrier properties of containers, packets, and sachets. Thus, our staff can help with stability testing in order to maintain the look and the performance of your finished product

Creating a package that has consistent color and maintains functionality takes a combination of the latest that technology has to offer along with an experienced staff that operates by strict process controls.

Pre Flight Assessment

Many art files are designed strictly with the appearance or the graphics in mind. Some files may not take into consideration the manufacturing process of flexography printing. Our staff will determine how to make the leap from concept to flexography (flexo). In the beginning, our team assesses your target, working with you to build graphics files that take into consideration the process of flexography printing utilizing digital printing plates. Our staff will review your design concept and your branding strategy and then make our suggestions on the best possible path for consistent product reproduction before proceeding.

Direct to Plate technology

A 100% digital workflow using state-of-the-art proofing and plate technology, eliminates variables in the production process to provide consistent, predictable, high-quality proofs that match the printed piece every time. We take the time to properly fingerprint our presses on new substrates that are developed.

Color Management, Process Controls & Procedures

Each step of the color reproduction process is measured, calibrated, and monitored to reproduce consistent color from art and proofing, to our in-house plate making, our ink formulations, all the way to our profiled presses and substrates.

On first time orders, the press run is approved for color and content before we proceed with production. Once this first sample is approved we create a master record called a “Master Print” for each product we produce. This “Master Print” has this approved sample attached to it, along with all of the applicable construction data including ink, ink densities, and aniloxes required to reproduce the first piece article. This combined documented formula is our Master Print and it is a controlled quality document.

This single reference point of control, along with the process procedures requiring approvals by the QA Management against the Master Print prior to production for every run helps assure product consistency run to run giving our clients the consistency they need.

An additional tool we employee at Adcraft Labels specifically for brand control addresses both specific color and design controls. This Controlled document and procedure is called the “Master Color Control” (MCC). We use this documented quality control process when a client has one of three requirements:

One. The client has specific colors that must be matched and replicated with greater consistency than the industry standards.

Two. A complete product line look, design, or feel must be achieved across multiple sizes and substrates.

Three. Any job that utilizes four-color process printing. We document ink densities, to ensure that on repeat runs we maintain colors consistency from run to run.

If this is required for your products, our quality minded staff starts the MCC procedures and documents the specific requirements to achieve the desired result. Then all the documentation is noted and separate “Master Color Control” documents are created with appropriate targets. These documents are referenced prior to every project. This reference and assessment process is performed by each department from our in-house prepress and design through our production and finishing departments. This assures your brand colors and concepts are consistent.

Adcraft Labels knows you care about your shelf presence and consistency and we have taken the time to develop and implement the quality systems that assure your peace of mind. For more information about our color management and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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