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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Superior Quality Pressure Sensitive Labels

The Pressure Sensitive labels from Adcraft Labels are premium quality and made to withstand time and wear. Founded in 1977, Adcraft Labels has been dedicated to superior quality printing for over four decades. In the beginning, Adcraft was committed to meeting the demands of the evolving Medical and Electronic industries. Over the past 40 years, Adcraft has evolved into Adcraft Labels, a company catering to an expanding range of unique industries. Turn to our skilled and experienced team for everything from Pressure Sensitive labels to Color Management, Graphic Design and everything in-between!

At Adcraft Labels, our goal is to help you design Pressure Sensitive labels that will both enhance quality control and improve the overall product. We make use of the highest quality film and paper face stocks, multiple finishing and custom-die cutting options and reliable printing press in order to provide the best Pressure Sensitive labels on the market. At Adcraft Labels, guarantee that there will be no wrinkles, bubbles or damages on your Pressure Sensitive labels because they are applied to be sleek and smooth by an expert team. The Pressure-sensitive technology that we use to create effective Pressure Sensitive labels is practically guaranteed to make your product stand out on the shelf.

Adcraft Labels produces Pressure Sensitive labels, which are unparalleled in quality and appeal. We are confident that you will experience both the long and short-term benefits of using our Pressure Sensitive labels for your products. You can be sure that we you use our Pressure Sensitive labels they will have a smooth no-label look, which is not possible with paper wet glue labels. You can be sure that your consumer will not find traces of glue on the bottle or any other annoying clumpy sticky substances on your product. Additionally, our Pressure Sensitive label application is considered the industry’s cleaner process. Finally, in order to maintain the integrity and aesthetic appeal of our Pressure Sensitive labels, we recommend pre-decorating your bottles before filling them.

Learn More About Our Pressure Sensitive Labels

  • All of our Pressure Sensitive labels are flexible and applied smoothly in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Our Pressure Sensitive labels are waterproof as they are reliably resistant to humidity and temperatures similar to ice water.
  • Our transparent Pressure Sensitive labels give your product a sense of luxurious appeal.
  • Press Sensitive labels are resistant to rinsing and pasteurization.

In addition to Pressure Sensitive labels, some of our capabilities serve industries such as: Household and Consumer Goods, Medical, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Food and Beverage, Personal Care and Security Printing. For more information about our Pressure Sensitive labels, and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.