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Pre-Press Design

Pre-Press Design in Orange County

Guidelines for Submitting Artwork…

The following guidelines are designed to facilitate the smoothest process possible in transferring artwork from your system to ours. Please read the information below and feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Artwork Formats
Our office is equipped with the latest Macintosh machines running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. Our preferred artwork format is Illustrator CS6, but please view the list of software below to see other options.
• Adobe Creative Suite CS3 to CS5 (Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign are accepted)
• Quark Xpress 7.31

Pre-Press Design & More in Orange County

Additional Requirements:
• When submitting Illustrator files we would prefer that all type is outlined and all linked files are embedded.
• Please note that if you anticipate the need for editing in our office you will need to provide files with normal type as well as the font files and links needed. Please be sure that all accompanying files have the same file name that they did when they were linked to the illustrator file.

• We request that you submit a digital proof in pdf or jpeg format with your original artwork. This will give us the ability to double check for issues that may arise when opening your art on our system.
• We will also send you a pdf proof which will need to be approved before we can go to print so please be sure to provide us with an email address where we can reach you.