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Personal Care Labels

Personal Care Products Packaging and Labels

The number of health and beauty products on retail shelves has never been more overwhelming. Getting your product noticed is harder than ever and separating your product from the competition is imperative. The professionals at Adcraft Labels will help you create a product that will capture the attention of your current and prospective customers. Whether your brand message is soft and organic or glamorous and shiny we can help you develop that eye-catching label or packaging that speaks to your target customer.

A full personal care product line may include both labels and flexible packaging. In most cases, various types of containers can be included under the label of “Personal Care Products.” Some labels may be printed for use on rigid containers such as jars, while others must be able to accommodate tubes and other types of flexible packaging. Each of these options uses different materials, that in turn, affect overall coloring.

Color management is especially critical for health and beauty products. It’s required to maintain your brand image across various types of containers. Some containers are clear and some contain textures. 

flexible packaging for samples sachetsOthers have unique shapes; still, others require special materials. Inks, by nature, are translucent and can be affected by the color of the container and even the color of the product inside the container. Understanding which materials and adhesives to use on each individual product is key. That’s why Adcraft Labels has its own in-house ink lab. In this way, we can help formulate the perfect solution for your product.

Health, Beauty and Personal Care Product Packaging

Travel size and sample packets are very popular for promoting Health & Beauty products and they give the consumer options when they travel. We understand that some ingredients like alcohol and essential oils can attack the barrier properties of packets and sachets. Thus we can help with stability testing and if you like we can even handle producing these samples packets for you, click here to learn more.

The award-winning staff at Adcraft Labels has extensive experience in producing highly embellished, color critical, labels and sachets. Our innovative printing techniques allow us to create nearly any look.  Whether you choose Custom Foils, Textured Varnish, Cast ‘n Cure, No label look clear, Rotary Screen Color Logic or Extended Content labels,  and our patented 3D effect labels, our experienced team will guide you in choosing the best options to achieve your desired look. For more information about our personal care packaging as well as our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.

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