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Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical Labels From an Experienced Team

Pharmaceutical companies face unique challenges compared to retail products in regards to labeling and flexible packaging. Strict adherence to compliance standards, traceability and a tight chain of custody are three very key elements for pharmaceutical labels. Pharmaceuticals products directly affect the health of the consumer thus protecting the consumer and your brand’s reputation from counterfeit products is critical. Counterfeit medicines are flooding the market impacting profits and exposing an unprotected brand to huge financial liabilities.

Adcraft Labels is uniquely qualified to meet the special needs of pharmaceutical companies. For color, we hold Graphic Measures International (GMI) Certification. We also operate by ISO 9001 and CGMP standards. Adcraft Labels utilizes Active Visual Technology (AVT) to insure 100% inspection of labels.

Reliable Pharmaceutical Labels

Our experts at Adcraft Labels have spent years in R&D to develop a full line of overt and covert security features that can be incorporated into your products. We truly understand that Brand Security and Track ‘n Trace are critical for pharmaceutical labels and flexible packaging. We offer both the packaging and the devices along with the software needed support your entire process. Our technical team can help develop a customized program for you specific needs.

Whether it’s a vial label with tight mandrel application, a pill bottle with Extended Content labeling (ECL), or a barrier film for flexible packaging, the team at Adcraft Labels will help you choose the best materials, adhesives and printing methods. For more information about our pharmaceutical labels and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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