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Nutraceutical Labels

Nutraceutical Labels for an Innovative Market

The Nutraceutical market is very competitive. Quality packaging is critical to building a trusted brand that stands out on the retail shelf. 

Your label is the face of your product. A high-quality nutraceutical label can help convert a prospect to a customer. Your product label must be both attractive and easy to read. When consumers are shopping for vitamins and dietary or nutritional supplements, when all other elements are equal, they will choose from nutraceutical labels that make them feel good.

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Color Consistency

Color can radically increase brand identification, which in turn can boost brand recognition, sales, and engagement. Thus color consistency over various packaging types is vital in this market.

Most Nutraceutical product lines use more than just containers with labels. Your product offerings can include labels, Stand Up Pouches, Stick Packs, and Blister Packs. The color must be consistent across all package offerings to convey that your brand is fresh.

Working with a company that knows how to manage your colors and branding over various package types is critical in building a brand. Adcraft Labels manufactures multiple types of packaging and has the experience and the know-how to maintain color consistency across all your brands over each package type.

While color consistency and brand protection are essential, your labels must also provide relevant information to the consumer. Today’s consumers read and analyze labels closely to understand the health benefits associated with your product. Adcraft has a variety of options that can help fit the needed information onto a label that is easy for the consumer to read (click here for more details).

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The Best Nutraceutical Labels and Flexible Packaging

In addition to color consistency, brand protection and company liability are two critical issues for Nutraceutical brands. Counterfeit products affect a company through lost sales revenue, but in reality, the cost is much higher. Companies lose billions of dollars a year when consumers are disappointed with an unwittingly purchased counterfeit product. Counterfeit ingredients increase the probability of expensive and reputation-damaging product recalls and liability claims. And, research shows that consumers avoid a brand for two years after a bad experience, and 45% of them will share their bad experiences on social media. That’s why Adcraft Products offers a full line of brand protection and Track ‘n Trace technologies to help you protect your brand (click here for more information).

Our award-winning team will help you create a nutraceutical label or flexible packaging design that will make your product stand out on the store shelf. And, our experienced design and production staff will ensure color consistency, brand protection, and consumer education with your final product. We will guide you from start to finish to create your perfect label solution. From material selection to design, label printing to pricing, we stand by our work. For more information about our nutraceutical labels and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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