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Professional Food Labels and Packaging

Custom food labels must have strong shelf appeal as well as the ability to educate consumers. With a limited amount of space for ingredients, nutritional facts, storage requirements, and warning information, having a captivating design that works is critical to catching a customer’s eye.

Compliance and food safety is critical for food labels, lidding films, and flexible packaging. FDA regulations are strict when it comes to food safety whether your packaging is in direct or indirect food contact.  Adcraft Labels operates by ISO9001 and CGMP standards. Adcraft Labels holds GMI certifications for color.

Store or National Brand?

Almost 24 percent of supermarket products are store brands, according to the Private Label Manufacturers Association. Private brands can differentiate their products from their competitors with labels that stand out on the shelf.

Improve the quality of your labels to improve the perception of your product.

Label too small for regulatory requirements?

What can you do when confronted with product packaging that is diminished in size? How can you get your brand messaging across, maintain shelf appeal, and meet regulatory requirements? The answer is simple, Extended Content Labels (ECL).

Track and Trace

Consumers want to know that the food they purchase is safe. In order to meet the demands of consumers, there are global initiatives that require the ability to trace products through the supply chain. To help differentiate your product, build consumer trust, and meet the needs of the global community, Adcraft Labels can develop a custom track and trace program for your produce.


High-Quality Food Labels

Adcraft Labels has extensive experience in manufacturing labels and flexible packaging for direct food contact with meats, poultry, produce, and specialty and ready to eat foods. Food applications are not easy and require a team to support you to develop the right application.

Flexible Packaging is growing rapidly in this market as consumers want more colorful packaging that also takes up less space at home. Stand up pouches and single-serving packages are taking over retail shelves. Understanding moisture and oxygen transmission rates and how they affect the food inside the package are critical. We at Adcraft Labels understand how to print with inks and laminates that will not affect the smell and taste of the foods inside the package, thus meeting FDA direct food contact compliance. Adcraft Labels offers full-color inserts that come in direct contact with food, bringing colorful shelf appeal to generic bags and food trays. From produce and fruit labels to functional, reclosable, flexible packaging, our team has the experience you need.



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