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Flexo Label Printers

Flexo Label Printers

Leading Flexo Label Printers

Adcraft Labels offers a team consisting of the best Flexo label printers. Since 1977, we have dedicated our services towards high quality Flexographic printing for the Medical and Electronic industries. Over time, our capabilities evolved to meet the needs of a range of additional markets. Our reliable and trusted Flexo label printers provide labels that can be used on a range of materials including plastic, paper, and metal films.

Do you need to print on rolls? Does your project rely on printing speed? Flexo Print uses rolls, rather than sheets, of material and consequently has a low waste level. Services like rotary hot-stamp, embossing, and variable data can all be completed via Flexo label printers.

Our Flexographic printing capabilities are dependable and held to the highest quality standards. Our production facility is equipped with an onsite pre-press, state-of-the-art Flexographic presses and direct digital making equipment. Additionally, our premier equipment is managed and operated by skilled Flexo label printers. We have over 3 decades of professional printing experience and only work with premium quality materials.

Our Flexo label printers understand the passion you have for what you do and our skilled staff is dedicated to helping you build your brand. Flexography makes use of relief plates, semi liquid water based inks, and UV cured options to creative an effective packaging label. Our Flexo label printers know that Flexo is a unique material as it is both practical and beneficial when printing larger runs or high-end embellishments. Additionally, Flexo Print is an economical choice for exceptional quality products.

We also provide:

  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • 9 Colors Flexo + 1 screen one pass
  • Subsurface Print
  • Multi-Layer Constructions
  • Inline Rotary Screen
  • Registration Ability 20 colors 2 pass
  • Front and Back Printing
  • 100% Video quality inspection AVT
  • Digital Hybrid Press

Flexo Label Printers and Much More

Over the past several years, Flexo Print has evolved through various improvements, which make it a competitive option for digital printing. Flexo label printers can ensure that Flexo printing is versatile as it can be applied to many different kinds of packages. Flexo printing works well on materials like acetate film, paper, board, foil, and others. All of the printing and converting processes include priming screening, over varnishing; laminating, embossing and die cutting are completed in-line or single pass through the press.

Flexo label printers know that Flexo Print works well on things like pressure-sensitive labels, wrappers, pouches, tags, folding cartons, shrink sleeves and other modes of flexible packaging. Flexo Print ensures color matching, high print quality and adhesive values. Leverage Adcraft Labels’ extensive experience and established presence in the Flexo label printers industry to make sure that you get the best products and services possible. For more information about Flexo label printers and our range of services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.