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Enhancing Brands with Innovative Label Design and Production

In today’s competitive consumer landscape, where options abound and attention spans are fleeting, the significance of perceived value cannot be overstated. At the forefront of conveying this value lies the product label—a pivotal touchpoint that can elevate a mere commodity into a sought-after item resonating deeply with consumers.

During an average 30-minute shopping trip, consumers encounter over 20,000 products, underscoring the need for labels and packaging that stands out amidst the crowd. To captivate consumers and enhance shelf appeal, labels and packaging must be uniquely distinctive and inherently attention-grabbing.

Recent research underscores the profound impact of product labels and packaging on consumer behavior, showcasing their ability to stimulate impulsive purchases, even among those initially not intending to buy. This underscores the subconscious influence of visual stimuli, where labels boasting striking graphics and colors wield significant sway over financial success.

So, what sets apart an enticing label from one that goes unnoticed? According to Marketing and Branding Specialist Katie Lundin, leveraging psychology-based design principles can significantly enhance a product’s label and package design. These principles encompass:

• Color
• Shape
• Texture

At Adcraft Labels, our innovative digital-flexo hybrid workflow, JetFlex Technology™, offers unmatched color intensity while ensuring precise color-matching across diverse label materials. Additionally, our JetFlex Technology™ empowers our award-winning designers and technicians to incorporate unique shapes and textures within label typography, ink, and paper, unlocking boundless creative possibilities.

How can your product stand out on the shelf?

It’s part science.

It’s part art.

It’s part technology.

JetFlex Technology™ – The Digital Flexo-Hybrid Workflow

Imagine integrating the best of flexography, digital, and screen-printing on one custom label. Now, imagine all of these capabilities on one press and executed in one pass.

With JetFlex Technology™, in one pass, you can now integrate:

  • Traditional flexo embellishments
  • True Pantone colors
  • CMYK inks
  • Variable text and images
  • Texture and Tactile effects done as variable print
  • Ink densities as opaque as screen-printing

Premier Embellishments

Research indicates that consumers are significantly more inclined to buy products that grab their attention on store shelves. Surprisingly, this factor carries more weight than promotions, coupons, product recommendations, or advertisements. At Adcraft Labels, we possess the expertise and know-how to ensure your products stand out and captivate consumers. By enhancing your package’s physical attributes or label design, we’ll ensure it stands apart from the mundane, commonplace packages saturating today’s store shelves.

Visual & Tactile Effects

Enhancing your packaging with captivating visual and tactile effects is a surefire way to set your product apart on the shelves. While many label manufacturers offer spot varnishes, Adcraft excels in combining gloss, matte, satin, and soft-touch varnishes with laminates to create a sensory experience that delights your customers. Our expertise ensures we select the perfect texture, whether it’s a varnish or laminate, tailored specifically to your product and situation.

But our innovation doesn’t stop there. Utilizing cold foil techniques, we make your packaging shine with Cast & Cure™, custom-tinted foils, and holograms, elevating your product to new heights of visual appeal. Our mastery in seamlessly integrating varnishes and foil on a single label has earned us acclaim and awards.

Furthermore, we understand the power of touch. Leveraging the Neuroscience of Touch, we emboss lettering or specific areas of your package or label, creating a tactile and visual experience that captivates consumers. Unlike traditional methods, we can emboss on various substrates, including plastic, and complement it with textured varnishes and custom-tinted foils, all seamlessly produced in-line. The result? A label that demands attention and stands out among the competition.

Facestocks & Substrates

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, imagine moving beyond the traditional use of paper and film facestocks. Think of how your label would “pop” if it were printed on metal, a stock that provides mirror-like reflectivity. Or appeal to your customer’s sense of touch by using Birch or Cherry Wood label material that has a surface with just enough hand-feel that you know it is real wood but is smooth enough to be printed upon. Now, add some of the label-enhancing techniques mentioned above, and you have a label with amazing shelf appeal.

Label Options

Research shows that at least a third of product decision-making is based on packaging. And learning new information about a product can quickly change buying behavior. This means that sometimes, packaging and the information contained on the packaging can be just as important as the product inside.

Adcraft’s award-winning package design and production techniques can provide solutions that use the visual and tactile techniques mentioned above and the type of label you need to provide information that will educate and entice the consumer to purchase your product. Or you may provide information to the consumer through Augmented Reality. Adcraft has a number of ways to help you connect with consumers.

Maybe your packaging products are small, and label space is limited, but you need additional graphics and copy to comply with government regulations. Adcraft will produce Extended Content Labels that meet the needed requirements, and we’ll apply the label-enhancing techniques mentioned above, including varnishes and/or cold foils, to make your product visually appealing. Adcraft’s in-line, single-pass printing and finishing capabilities will ensure brand consistency, color matching on all panels, short lead times, and a reduction in your bottom line, as well as increase your label’s shelf appeal.

Perhaps you’d like to introduce a bit of gamification to your product, or you’d like to appeal to consumers who are more price-conscious. Then Adcraft will create Instant Redeemable Coupons for your product. These “peel here” labels alert consumers to special offers, promotions, and contests. Adding some of the label-enhancing techniques mentioned above brings attention to your product and differentiates it on a crowded retail shelf.

These are just a few of the many materials, techniques, and processes that are available through Adcraft Labels. If you want your packaging to stand out from all the rest, if you want to increase the shelf appeal of your packaging, and if you truly want your product to “pop,” Adcraft Labels can help.

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