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E-Juice Bottle Labels

Quality E-Juice or E-liquid Bottle Labels

E-Juice labels, otherwise known as E-Liquid labels, are a growing and exciting market for Adcraft’s innovative label printing capabilities. The vaping and electronic cigarette market has grown rapidly over the last several years. That means you must find a way to differentiate your e-juice labels from your competitor’s labels.

Your e-juice labels say a lot about your company. In a recent e-cigarette online forum, individuals were debating the importance of labels and packaging on e-juice containers. One person commented on “ghetto juice packaging,” complaining that the label made the product look cheap. Another person said, “If a company is unwilling to invest a few dollars in packaging, how do I know that they’ve invested in a “healthy” (e.g. sterile, whatever) production environment for their e-juice?” At Adcraft, we understand the important role that your labels play in the branding of your product.

Adcraft Labels is a leader in label printing for e-juice vapor products, partnering with clients such as Charlie’s Chalk Dust to create e-juice bottle labels that are highly effective and functional. In addition, our digital-flexo hybrid press provides e-juice manufacturers with vape packaging solutions that include custom variable printing and branding options with a fast turn and beautiful embellishments that will make your e-liquid box stand out.

As with other competitive markets, packaging and labels for e-Juice/e-Liquids used in e-cigarettes must stand out among the competition.

Innovative e-liquid Labels, e-Juice Labels, Vape Juice Bottle Labels

Known in the vaping community by a variety of names, such as e-juice, ejuice, e-cig liquid, e-liquid, vapor bottles, vape juice, or simply ‘juice,’ these products are typically sold in small bottles, ranging in volume from 5ml to 30ml. Due to the size of e-juice containers, the labels tend to be small, which may become a problem when considering the new rules and regulations in the FDA Final Rule published on May 10, 2016.

The new regulations require the use of Helvetica or Arial fonts at a 12-pt minimum size, among other regulations. The FDA required warnings, batch codes, and tractability issues, which could become a designer’s nightmare. Not to worry, though, at Adcraft Labels, we have extensive experience in designing and producing small labels that must contain a significant amount of text.

When looking for custom e-juice packaging for your product, you must also understand that the correct label material is essential. Keep in mind that the product may drip and come in contact with your label. Also, high-speed labeling applications and storage conditions such as temperature and humidity should also be considered.

Having worked with some of the leading e-juice brands, we have witnessed the power of the right e-juice or e-liquid label – it can help a fledgling brand get noticed and dominate the market. E-liquid labels designed and printed by Adcraft Labels will elevate your brand in the eyes of vaping customers. As with our clients in other industries, we partner with our e-Juice clients to select the right label type and material for every project.


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