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Design & Function for Magic Gel

When personal care product manufacturer Magic Gel looked for assistance in their rebranding efforts they turned to Adcraft Labels. Magic Gel wanted to redesign their containers and labels to reflect the smooth clean feel of their product. They wanted a solution that would allow consumers to see into and through their containers. They also wanted to update their label to include embellishments that would increase shelf appeal but still keep true to their original branding.

The designers and technicians at Adcraft recommended slight changes to the original logo including the use of silver cold foil within the logo. They also suggested replacing the solid printed label found on Magic Gel’s original containers with a clear container and a clear-on-clear label that would allow consumers to see the liquid inside. In addition, to emphasize the clear qualities of the product, Adcraft’s designers suggested that the container have a printed label on the back that would allow consumers to “see through” the liquid inside and read text on the opposite side of the bottle.

These design elements presented a small challenge due to the fact that the properties of both the container and the liquid inside could cause readability issues. The material properties of the container and the viscosity of the liquid inside could distort the text on the label. With Adcraft’s previous experience, this challenge was easily met. The real challenge came when Magic Gel’s products were open to a global market.

In order to sell their products in other countries Magic Gel’s labels now had to contain instructions and legally required statements in a variety of languages. To do this would require the use of Extended Content Labels (ECLs). The challenge would be to devise a method to use ECLs and still keep the look and feel of the new product design.

Normally an ECL is printed on solid white paper or plastic facestock, but the new design called for a clear label. Adcraft needed to print a clear knockout, which is difficult on an ECL, and reverse print on the backside of the label. In addition to the printing an adhesive pattern needed to be applied to allow the label to peal open and reclose. And, all this needed to be done in-line. This turned a simple redesign into a very complicated project.

While Adcraft uses the same materials and equipment as other label printers, they have the ability to see solutions to a problem that others cannot. They are not simply applying ink to a substrate. They create answers that help our customers reach their goals. Thus the label experts at Adcraft were able to produce a product that kept true to Magic Gel’s original branding, while enhancing their product with innovative embellishments, compensating for difficulties in materials, and providing a solution to an unexpected problem.

It is due to Adcraft’s experience, talented designers, quality engineers, and thorough understanding of its equipment’s capabilities that Adcraft’s label professionals were able to create an award-winning label that kept the beauty of the new design and the functionality of an Extended Content Label.

“Adcraft team did a great job of helping us develop a visually stunning label that still allowed us to have
extended content.”
Orit & Cariel Cohen

Founders, Magic Gel