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Charlie’s Chalk Dust – A New “No Label” Look & Inventory Cost Savings

In order to increase shelf appeal and differentiate their product in a very crowded market space, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, a vapor-liquid manufacturer, created a black, powder-coated bottle for their Chalk Dust product line. Charlie’s needed to find a way to label their containers with their signature graphics while not obscuring the look and feel of the powder-coated container.

Because their product comes in many strengths and different flavors, screen-printing was not a cost-effective option. Moreover, simply wrapping the bottles in a label would negate the use of the powder-coated containers. So Charlie’s Chalk Dust turned to Adcraft Labels to find an effective solution.

From the beginning, the designers and technicians at Adcraft knew they would have to create a No Look Label that would complement the powder-coated bottle. They began testing various inks, varnishes, and laminates to recreate the container’s color and texture so that once the label was applied, it would be indistinguishable, as much as possible, from the bottle.

Adcraft created custom black ink for the labels with the advantage of an in-house ink lab. Then, they used a frosted white laminate over the ink to produce the same tint color as the containers. Once they added a tactile varnish over the label, they were able to match the color, sheen, and contrast of the powder-coated bottles.

Adcraft’s design solution allowed Charlie’s to produce a label that complemented their container and allowed them to create various labels for their various product offerings. Thus, the client did not have to invest in numerous custom-printed containers and incur all the indirect costs associated with that investment, including storage requirements. With this label design, they have the flexibility to make changes in label content without having to dispose of numerous preprinted containers.

“Adcraft appreciates the customer service aspect of what a small business needs and it shows with their prompt communication. Whether we have questions on current products or strategizing for a new launch, Adcraft is always available”.

Ryan and Brandon Stump

Founders , Charlie’s Chalk Dust