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Specialty Finishes

Our Range of Specialty Label Finishes

Nothing gives your products that polished look like Adcraft Labels’ specialty substrates, finishes and effects. Blending these is a skill that our label company has mastered. We offer a wide range of sleek label finishes, including:

  • Varnish: Gloss and Matte
  • Laminate: Gloss and Matte
  • Soft touch labels
  • Cast and cure
  • Tactile
  • Metallic Substrates
  • Foil Printing
  • Embossing
  • A custom combination of the finishes listed above

Different Types of Specialty Finishes for Labeling

Varnish: Not only does a finishing varnish give your image a smooth and consistent texture, but it will also seal the printed material to help preserve it. This varnish makes the whole image more robust without adding too much weight to the paper stock.

Gloss: Varnish: For the picture-perfect, shiny magazine-page look, a glossy varnish is the best option.

Matte Varnish: A matte varnish gives your product a more subdued, professional look. Our matte finishes are lightweight and aren’t too imposing on the image you worked so hard to design.

Lamination: Similar to varnishes, lamination gives your label and product a smooth finish, which appeals to the tactile senses – but lamination gives you more of a sturdy finished product. The plastic protective coating of lamination can improve water resistance and sturdiness of product. Lamination also comes with the option of a glossy or matte finish.

High Gloss Laminate: The shiny feel of this type of lamination sharpens the label or package you’re working with, giving it a sophisticated finished look.

Matte Laminate: For a more subtle finish, matte will give your piece a professional, elegant look and feel.

Soft Touch: Soft Touch is a type of coating that gives your label/product a velvety texture and soft look. The tactile dimension really draws customers in, setting your product apart from the rest. Soft touch is also a fingerprint resistant barrier. This coating layer will make dark color palettes seem more muted – giving them a more subtle feel. Soft Touch is non-yellowing, dries quickly, and is eco-friendly.

Cast and Cure: Cast and Cure is a high quality surface coating process combining “casting” and “curing” techniques. You can choose between ultra high gloss, matte and holographic finish options on a wide range of substrates. It’s the most affordable method of reproducing a holographic effect available. Since it utilizes ultraviolet inks and varnishes there are no undesirable and harmful VOC’s, making it a sustainable, green-friendly finishing method.

Tactile: Tactile labels feature layers of designs, produced through a variety of materials and finishes, giving a unique, perfected look to your piece. They’re great for blind and visually impaired customers, and also for healthy customers who enjoy a tactile experience. Customers will be able to have more visual focus when they scan your product, and they’ll also be able to grab and touch specific elements of your label. The finished look is usually achieved with rotary screen printing, a process where a substrate, such as foil, film, or paper goes through a series of rollers that apply layers of designs.

Foil Printing: Foil printing gives your piece a shiny metallic look. More information. (include link)

Embossing: Embossing is a great feature to add to your labels, as it adds custom design, lettering, decoration and pattern effects to your basic design. More information (link to page)

Custom Finishes: We’re happy to combine any of the finishes above to give your product the exact look and feel you seek.

For more information about our specialty finishes and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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