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Shrink Labeling

Premier Shrink Labeling

Why limit labels to just one or two spots on your product? Take advantage of the full surface volume of your product with shrink labeling. Whatever shape your product may be, the entire surface of the container can carry your brand identity and raise awareness of your product. At Adcraft Labels, our shrink labels will animate your product like never before, with top-to-bottom, full 360-degree graphics.

Shrink labeling works with any type of container, including metal, plastic, glass, and other container types. Our high shrink rates give our custom containers a highly contoured look and feel. Shrink labeled products really stand out on the shelf with their full-bodied presentation.

Shrink Labeling Can Lower Costs

Although it may seem like having a full-bodied, colored label around your product could be pricey, shrink labeling helps you save in other ways. First of all, when you use shrink labeling you don’t need to pay for bottle colorants for UV protection, which reduces overall container costs. Second of all, our advanced technology ensures that with shrink labeling you print only what you need, which reduces inventory costs.

Advantages of Shrink Labeling 

Besides a wide range of colors you can choose for these labels, we offer all sorts of options to truly achieve the look you’re going for. Our technology allows for our shrink labels to include these important features:

  • 100% moisture resistant
  • Gravure-quality printing for a much more affordable price
  • Tamper-evident features that increase brand and consumer protection
  • Various film substrates
  • Water-based inks that are eco-friendly

Improved Branding

A recent study reported that 68% of consumers will take time to learn about products and services from brands that interest them. Shrink labeling is often more effective for branding, as it really catches customers’ eyes with the added space to promote various aspects of the product from top to bottom of the container.

Strong, Flexible, and Durable Labeling

The transparent shrink film we use is protected by 40 to 70 microns of clear film. This extra-strong film will reduce chances of damage to the product when it’s in transit for shipping purposes.

Digital Shrink Sleeves

If you’re looking for maximum-impact graphics with short-run convenience, digitally printed shrink sleeves are optimal. They work great with start-ups and regional roll-outs that in the future may need to incorporate longer-run print technologies. Companies who have small-volume, multiple SKU runs that utilize speed-to-market opportunities may also benefit from this.

Quality Service

Adcraft Labels’ expert print specialists are here to help you design labels that truly reflect your brand. Shrink labels require distortion printing. Artwork must be manipulated to print in one size but look accurate after shrunk onto the container. This is a skill that Adcraft Labels has mastered. We’ll help you troubleshoot any problems that may come up with format and design. We’ll also help you determine which print options work best with your budget and goal. For more information about our shrink labeling and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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