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Rotary Screen Printing

Premier Rotary Screen Printing

Adcraft Labels’ quality rotary screen printing is an ideal option when you’re seeking brilliant, high-grade graphic effects with higher volumes of ink coverage and color strength.

Rotary screen printing is a complicated process where ink is pressed through the mesh holes of screen material by a squeegee, producing the image on a substrate. You can opt for various levels of ink thickness, in order to produce labels with a tactile feel and increased POP.

Advantages of Rotary Screen Printing:

Our rotary screen printing has a lot of advantages when it comes to printing sharp, brilliant images. The finished product has a much more high-end look than virtually any other type of printing. Here are some of the advantages of rotary screen printing:

  • More durable printing
  • Sharp metallic gleams
  • Scent options
  • Optimal ink coverage
  • Colors that pop out with continuity and refined accuracy
  • Strong opaque whites
  • Crisper text
  • Sharper lines
  • Anti-counterfeit protection
  • Iridescent inks
  • RFID antennas/conductive inks
  • Water, weather and fade resistance

The “No Label” Look

Rotary screen printing can help you achieve the sleek, sophisticated “no label” look. This is accomplished with heavy lay-downs of white ink on clear film. This feature is especially popular for beauty and personal care products. These subtle labels are extremely durable and will give your product an elegant, high-end feel.

Other Special Features:

  • Tactile: Rotary screen printing makes it possible to have multi-dimensional labels with raised printing that gives a tactile look and feel.
  • High gloss: For that shiny magazine cover look and feel, rotary screen printing can accomplish a beautiful high gloss look. This shiny feel of this type of lamination sharpens the label or package you’re working with, giving it a sophisticated finished look.
  • Embossed: Embossing is a great feature to add to your labels, as it adds custom design, lettering, decoration and pattern effects to your basic design.
  • Scented ink: A luxurious feature you can opt for with rotary screen printing is the application of scented ink. We feature a wide range of soft, subtle scents that give your product a whole new dimension.
  • Scratch-off ink:  Scratch off ink is perfect for labels that are meant to hide a “prize” or special code or secret message. Customers can have fun removing the ink with coin or simply their fingernail.
  • Thermochromatic ink: Make your label more exciting with this heat-sensitive form of ink. This ink incorporates a specific type of dye that can change colors when there’s an increase or decrease of temperature. Kids especially love this on their products.
  • Glow-in-the-dark ink: To make your product stand out, even in the dark, glow-in-the-dark ink will make your label readable 24-7, day or night.
  • Combination varnishes: To accomplish the exact finish you’re looking for, rotary screen printing allows you to combine various varnishes.
  • Color shifting effects: This gives your label extra appeal, as colors are always shifting depending on the light and/or angle.

Adcraft Labels’ print specialists can help you determine exactly what printing techniques will help you achieve your desired look. We’re committed to producing quality labels and products that are true to your brand. For more information about our rotary screen printing and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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