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Game & Contest Pieces

Custom Game Pieces and Scratch-Off Tickets

Games and sweepstakes are great ways to engage consumers and build brand loyalty. Gamification can also boost sales, drive online traffic and put some fun in your product offerings.

Whether you’re looking to create peel and reveal, collect and win, match and win, scratch-offs, or decoders, these game pieces will increase shelf awareness, help your product stand out on from your competition and drive multiple and repeat purchases.

Adcraft Labels will help you create a game or sweepstakes program to fit your needs. With our variable imaging capabilities, including digital and flexo in one pass, Adcraft Labels can engineer the perfect game or sweepstakes piece. Due to our advanced capabilities, we can print consecutive barcodes, 2D barcodes, sequential numbering and variable imaging. We will create a fully customized product to fit your specific requirements.

Authentication and Secure Chain of Custody:

As part of the design, we can incorporate security features to help safeguard your product. Depending on your security requirements we have the ability to print your scratch-off cards, labels and tags on any thickness of stock up to 14 point. Whether you’re looking to print promotional pieces or game pieces Adcraft Labels has the technology and experience to produce your unique game and sweepstake products.

When discussing security, it’s important to partner with a company that understands Chain of Custody when working with game pieces. Adcraft Labels has the know-how to build in security measures to defend against counterfeiters and verify and authenticate the sweepstake products. Adcraft Labels has invested time and resources in research and development to create a full portfolio of secure printing options. Some options are proprietary and patented, in order to help our clients defend their brand. These include both overt and covert security features that provide brands with multiple ways to validate authenticity and defend against counterfeits.

We understand that the containers onto which your game pieces will be applied and the environment in which they will be placed will require specific adhesives. If those game pieces, labels or scratch-off cards will be used on or with food products, our experience in using FDA approved materials and adhesives when creating and printing game pieces will make your promotion a success.

We look forward to working together with you to create a promotion that will excite, engage, and entertain your customers. For more information about our custom game pieces and scratch-off tickets, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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