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Food Safety Labels

Quality Food Safe Labels

Compliance and food safety is critical for food labels, lidding films, and flexible packaging. Adcraft Labels specialists have extensive experience in manufacturing labels for direct food contact with meats, poultry, and produce as well as specialty and ready to eat foods. FDA regulations are strict when it comes to food safety for both direct food contact and indirect food contact packaging. Adcraft Labels operates by ISO9001 and CGMP standards. We hold GFSI and GMI certifications for color and we’re currently in the process of obtaining FSSC22000 and GFSI certification.

Food Safety Related Issues

Direct food contact:

If a label or flexible film is intended to come in direct contact with food, only FDA approved adhesives, inks and laminates can be used. UV inks cannot be used as they can affect the taste and smell of products, even if the product is laminated. Having the proper procedures for handling these films and labels during manufacturing and shipment is critical for direct food contact labels and films. Adcraft Labels is well versed with the special FDA approved inks that withstand extreme temperatures and high moisture levels, ensuring quality food safe products.

Indirect food contact:

Even if a label of film does not directly touch the food, there are still FDA standards to consider when deciding what the material and printing methods that go into your labels. Indirect food contact refers to inks that are not intended to be in contact with food, but because of migration, inadvertently become part of the food product. The FDA regulations for migration are very extensive and specific. Migration into food products is accepted, but at very small levels, limited by the FDA in terms of parts per billion. In addition, all ink components that exhibit migration must meet testing specifications before being accepted as suitable for manufacturing.

The print specialists at Adcraft Labels are on top of all the FDA’s guidelines for food safety for indirect food contact. Once we understand the goals you have for your product, we’ll be able to ensure that our labels and films for the product meet food safety standards.

Flexible Films:

Flexible films used in packets, stick packs and Stand up Pouches (SUP) use many different barrier films that all have various oxygen and moisture transmission rates. All ingredients in a food must be taken into consideration when choosing the proper films to use (see also flexible films). We will help guide you to find the correct film that meets food safety regulations for you application. We can even help you with stability testing to verify that the ingredients you are packaging do not affect the integrity of the package.

Flexible Packaging is growing rapidly in this market as consumers want more colorful packaging that also takes up less space at home. Stand up pouches and single serving packages are taking over retail shelves. We at Adcraft Labels understand how to print with inks and laminates that will not affect the smell and taste of the foods inside the package, thus meeting FDA direct food contact compliance.

Zero Defect Labels:

When it comes to warnings, ingredient decks or USDA bugs, it is imperative that nothing is missing. Clients can utilize our AVT system to ensure perfect labels.

You can count on our print specialists to choose the optimal material and printing techniques for your food safe products. For more information about food safety and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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