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Flexo Digital Hybrid Print

JetFlex Technology™ – The Digital Flexo Hybrid Press

Imagine integrating the best of flexography, digital, and screen-printing on one custom label. Now, imagine all of these capabilities on one press and executed in one pass.

With JetFlex Technology™, in one pass you can now integrate:

  • Traditional flexo embellishments
  • True Pantone colors
  • CMYK inks
  • Variable text and images
  • Texture and Tactile effects done as variable print

All with:

  • Ink densities as opaque as screen-printing

Flexo Digital Hybrid Print is truly a game changer in the label and flexible packaging industry. For example, we have the ability to print variable text and images with Pantone colors on tinted cold foil on a clear facestock.

The ability to create unique promotions for specific retailers is gaining popularity. Adcraft Labels has the ability to supply the ultimate in customer communications and personalized labels and packaging. By combining the variable data abilities of a digital press with the ability to maintain brand color consistency on a flexo press, Adcraft Labels is uniquely qualified to produce a personalized product unsurpassed in the label manufacturing industry.  

Personalize Labels and Packaging with Variable Data Printing

Businesses across the world make use of Variable Data Printing (VDP) and marketing in order to reach clients and consumers. VDP involves the application of unique text, graphics, and images that can be altered from one specific printed piece to the next without having to stop or slow down production. Variable data printing offers a sense of personalization, which every marketer knows helps immensely when it comes to making your products or services unforgettable. VDP also helps businesses customize materials for special promotions conducted during various times throughout the year. These promotions may include holidays, sporting events, or local civic events.

Aesthetically pleasing labels and packaging combined with variable text and images will catch your consumer’s eye and increase the shelf appeal of your product.

Innovative JetFlex Technology™

The digital-flexo hybrid capabilities of JetFlex Technology™ combines the best capabilities of a digital press with the best qualities of a flexo press and the opacity of screen print, all in one pass and all inline.

There are significant advantages to producing labels with the flexographic process. These include the ability to print true Pantone colors, the ability to apply embellishments such as cold foil, and incorporating operations like die-cutting, all in-line.

There are many advantages to digital label printing including the ability to reduce inventory costs and obsolescence by moving to short-run, on-demand printing, integrating variable data, and the reduction of your carbon footprint due to make‐ready waste reduction. With JetFlex Technology™ you now have the best of both flexo and digital.

Up until now, if you used a vendor that produced your digital labels using HP Indigo or Xeikon equipment you were probably paying extra for your embellishments and finishing operations. This is because printing the label is just part of the job. You still have to die-cut, varnish, stamp, laminate, and slit offline. And most digital presses use offline converting. It is what they call  “near-line” companion converting systems. Which means they take the paper or substrate off one piece of equipment and put it onto a different piece of equipment to finish the job. This takes additional time and effort that is then passed on to you in higher costs. At Adcraft Labels, with our new JetFlex Technology™, we can produce your digital label, with all of its flexo embellishments, in-line, and on one machine.

Ink & Paper Advantages with JetFlex Technology™

What about the color capabilities of a digital press? Pantone colors are not readily available for most digital jobs unless you have really high volumes. So, most digital label manufacturers try to recreate Pantone colors using CMYK. Many times this does not yield the best results. This can be a problem for some CPG companies. These companies are looking to maintain brand consistency across a number of product lines. With the new JetFlex digital-flexo hybrid press, Adcraft Labels can now match a brand’s Pantone specific color and include the required digital information on each label, all in one pass, and in-line.

What if you need to run on a variety of substrates? HP Indigo and Xeikon’s toner-based electrophotographic technology struggle to print on certain films and plastics because it is heat-based. Our JetFlex press uses inkjet technology and supports a wide range of label materials ranging from 1 mil to 14-point stock, including pressure-sensitive papers and films.

Let’s talk about speed. An HP Indigo with PageWide technology runs at about 100 feet per minute. That sounds impressive until you realize that Adcraft’s new JetFlex digital-flexo hybrid press, with all its color capabilities, in-line embellishments, and finishing operations, runs at the unmatched speed of 250 feet per minute. Thus we can provide you with quality, personalized packaging in a timely manner.

We have not even begun to talk about the digital opaque white ink (See 40 pt Text image on this page) that’s a vast improvement over HP’s digital toner or the smooth vignettes and screens that look amazing on the new press. The new ink system is so durable that in many cases varnish and laminates can be eliminated helping you to further reduce your carbon footprint. The inks also have a texture and thickness that gives tactile effect without varnishes.

If you’d like to know more about the true production-level digital solutions and capabilities of our JetFlex digital-flexo hybrid press, please let one of our team members give you a free consultation in order to explore the options now available to enhance your brand.

For more information, please call 1-800-892-1051.

super white ink on clear label
JetFlex Technology award
Amazing color and texture on estate stock label
Screen print quality inks on clear label
Incredible texture and color only achieved with JetFlex Technology™
Digital Opaque White Ink: Top- JetFlex Technology™ Bottom-HP Indigo


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