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Extended Content Labels

Superior Quality Extended Content Labels

As a packaging designer, marketer, or brand designer you understand the importance of catching a prospective consumer’s attention.  You’ve done your research and crafted a message that best represents your brand. And now, you are ready to design a labeling solution that will appeal to your target audience. Your goal is to clearly represent your brand’s value and have your product stand out on the retail shelf.

But what can you do when confronted with product packaging that is diminished in size? How can you get your brand messaging across, maintain shelf appeal, and meet regulatory requirements? The answer is simple, Extended Content Labels (ECL).

When packaging products are small and label space is limited, Extended Content Labels (ECLs) provide the necessary space for additional graphics and copy through the use of multiple pages. Often referred to as booklet labels or expanded text labels, they are used to increase the amount of space available for text and graphics to provide consumers with more information.

Extended Content Labels (ECLs) are commonly found on Health and Beauty products where packaging profiles are small and it is difficult to find space for government mandated health and safety information.

Reliable Extended Content Labels

Adcraft Labels’ Extended Content Labels (ELCs) are the ideal solution when you need to include instructions, information, warnings, and/or multiple languages on your product. The front panel of the packaging is directly visible to the consumer and can be in full color. Peel open the re-sealable front panel and reveal the back and base panels where the user will find more detailed information.

Extended Content Labels (ECLs) are constructed as a multi-ply label or as a booklet label which combines a pressure-sensitive label and a loose, folded outsert. This technology brings all the benefits of multi-page labeling and growth in new product categories, while providing the space for required information.

There are several options for manufacturing ECLs. The most efficient method is in-line production. Choosing a manufacturer that has single-pass printing and finishing capabilities streamlines the process, eliminates the possibility of mismatched components, ensures brand consistency, and reduces your bottom line. These in-line produced ECLs are available in 3- and 5- page booklet formats greatly increasing the content area.  ECLs most importantly are customizable and can be designed to suit any packaging profile.

The Bottom Line

Extended Content Labels benefit brand owners and marketers due to their customization and flexibility.  Like many packaging professionals you may run into common labeling challenges that we have listed below. An Extended Content Label may be the right fit for your packaging.

1) Your product’s information and brand messages are overshadowed by regulatory information

2) You wish to save money and reduce excess packaging inventory

3) You want to promote a new product to loyal customers

4) You must fit important instructions and safety information on your label but the text will be too small to read

5) You want to increase your social media presence and other marketing initiatives

Choose Adcraft Labels, a local Southern California company, when looking to produce Extended Content Labels. Our in-line, single-pass printing and finishing capabilities ensure brand consistency, color matching on all panels, short lead times, and a reduction your bottom line. For more information about our extended content labels and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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