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Embossed Labels

Quality Embossed Label Printing

Embossing is a great feature to add to your labels, as it adds custom design, lettering, decoration and pattern effects to your basic design. Embossed labels have had dyes placed under high pressure onto part or all of the label material. This adds depth, texture, and shine to either all or part of the embossed label. Embossing is a great feature to use if you really want your label to stand out.

Embossed Labels & Versatile Options:

Adcraft Labels’ expert print technicians are adept at utilizing different label materials, such as paper, film and foil to create various embossing effects. Embossing works with all sorts of different printing techniques. Embossing can be used to highlight specific visual elements of a particular label or to give an embossed feel to lettering or specific portions of the label.

To give a truly high-end feel to your label, you can utilize embossing to customize foil labels and add an extra zest to the metallic sheen. We can use any color combination for your embossed labels, since they work in partnership with our four-color process (4CP) flexographic label printing.

Embossed Labels are Popular in Various Industries

Virtually all sorts of brands enjoy the quality look and feel of embossed labels. Embossing is extremely popular with:

  • Beauty products
  • Wine, spirits, and other craft beer
  • Food packaging
  • Lawn & garden labels
  • Home decor labels
  • Pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Four color process labels
  • Unique custom pattern embossed labels

Affordable Solutions

We can use either screen printing, digital printing or flexographic printing for our embossed labels, which enables us to really come up with a practical and affordable solution for whatever size order you have. Digital printing works best for small orders of embossed labels, and flexographic printing works better with large orders.

Our print specialists will work as your partners. They’ll analyze all the aspects of your print job in order to determine what type of printing press you should use with your budget for embossed labels.

The Advantage of Embossed Labels

Our embossed labels include a variety of options that help you specialize your products to best promote your ideal image of your brand. Our designers can work with you to create the exact look and feel you’re seeking with your embossed labels. Our options include:

  • Custom patterns, with a wide range of colors and textures
  • Variable image printing, variable data runs that can run with a spot embossed area
  • Short and long label runs, to work with whatever quantity of labels you need

Quality Service

Sometimes a label design that seems beautiful on screen just doesn’t come out the way you want when printed. Luckily, our pre-press services will provide you with proofs in order to ensure that your design is maintained when printed. Our experts will help you consider all your options when it comes to cost, design, scheduling, and materials.

Adcraft Labels’ embossed label design possibilities are vast and we have the in-house experts to create labels that truly help your product stand out. For more information about our embossed labels and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.

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