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Durable Labels


Functional, Beautiful, & Durable Labels

UL® Recognized Substrates, Durable UV Digital Inks and Extreme Service Requirements made easy with JetFlex Technology™

Your Durable Labels are Now Available in Full Color with Beautiful Graphics

JetFlex Technology™, exclusively from Adcraft Labels, provides product identification requirements utilizing superior UV inkjet technology and a wide array of durable cost-effective substrates, and adhesives. 

Substrate & Ink Characteristics

  • UV Inkjet provides outstanding color consistency and durability with CMYK, Pantone®, and custom colors
  • Inkjet technology capable of texture and tactile effects, even as variable print
  • Reliable adhesion performance on rough, dusty and oily surfaces
  • Excellent service in harsh environments and extended exposure to the elements
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • Precision color matching & strict color management from run to run
  • Security & Authentication systems

JetFlex Technology™ Benefits

Save on plate & screen costs Full-color & multicolor, screen print quality durable labels Variable data printing for serial and model numbers UL recognized, CSA, CE, AGA accepted Brand protection; overt, covert & track & trace features Many cost-effective, multipurpose products including: • PET (Mylar) • Polycarbonite (Lexan) • Vinyl (PVC) • Wide array of protective overlaminates are available • Self-laminating films


It’s time to forget your limitations!

Durable Labels You Can Count On

When you require labeling that must withstand the harshest of elements, natural or man-made, look to us! Durable materials that are UL recognized, CSA CE and AGA accepted, combined with our print processes and precision die-cutting help you convey a high-quality image and protect product functionality. From nameplates to overlays, rating plates to dome labels, and decals, our team can produce durable labels that you can count on.

Superior Quality Durable and Functional Labels

Durable Labels are known for their ability to withstand extreme conditions and harsh environments.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasions
  • Fade resistance
  • UL recognized, CSA, CE, and AGA accepted material constructions.
  • Performance materials readily available for short lead times
  • Precision color matching and strict color management from run to run
  • Tight registration tolerances, with multiple laminates & intricate die-cutting
  • Propriety material developed for unique applications
  • Security and Authentication systems
  • High bond adhesive for applications with oily or low surface energy

From nameplates to overlays, doming to rating plates, specialized die-cut vinyl Mylar to Laxan/Polycarbonate, metalized, brushed metal to 3D optical depth labels, our team offers premier durable labels. We can build to your most demanding specification or engineer highly technical solutions for your unique application. For more information about our durable labels and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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