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Digital Printing Solutions

Adcraft Labels’ in-house digital press makes it affordable to do short runs of digital print labels. This relatively new technology has revolutionized the print industry and we are on top of the game with the highest quality digital press. Adcraft Labels offer a lot of options when it comes to your digital print labels, from variable data, paper or plastic material, high definition printing to super opaque, inks and much more.

The Affordable Costs of Digital Print:  

Rotogravure and Flexography printing, which up until recently were the standard printing methods, has a high cost for setup as it requires plates to be made per project. When you have a large quantity of pieces to print, the setup fees are not such a big deal. The higher the quantity of printing pieces you need, the cheaper the price. However, for small runs, it doesn’t make sense to pay so much in setup fees.

Digital printing is far more economical for short runs because it requires no setup fees. You can print as few labels as you need without incurring a large initial fee.

If you’re not sure whether the quantity of labels you require makes Flexo or digital print a better option, you can trust our experts here at Adcraft Labels to weigh out your options and help you decide the best way to go.

High Quality Digital Print: 

Although oFlexo printing still provides high quality, Adcraft Labels’ advanced digital print technology makes digital print a close second. In fact, most people can hardly notice the difference when we print identical images on both our offset printers and digital printers. Only the trained eye of professional printers could detect which image was digital as opposed to Flexo.

A Range of Digital Print Options

Here at Adcraft Labels, we have plenty of options to chose from for your digital print jobs. You can choose between a wide range of paper stocks. You can also choose between the advanced printing techniques Flexo printing offers, such as foil stamps, die cuts, and UV and aqueous finishes.

Variable Data Options:

Very often, labels require variable data printing capabilities. For example, some labels have variable codes, numbers, lists, or other information on them. Our digital press includes efficient variable data printing capabilities, so you can get that information printed efficiently.
Eco-Friendly Printing:

Since there is no need for film plates or photo chemicals, digital print jobs are far more ecological than conventional print methods. Therefore, utilizing digital print can boost the green credentials of your company.


Digital print jobs can have a much quicker turnaround than conventional printing methods. With digital print, the whole printing process is simplified. Since there is not much work to do with setup, there are less steps and people involved in the printing process. So if you’re looking to get a short run of labels printed with a quick turnaround, digital print is the way to go.

With the advantage of speed, pricing, and quality that is virtually on par with Flexoprinting, digital print is the logical option for your low-quantity label printing jobs. Adcraft Labels has a wide range of digital print options, high quality in-house digital presses, and experts who can help you trouble-shoot any of your label printing needs.

For more information about our digital prints and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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