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Brand Protection and Track ‘n Trace

Brand Protection and Track ‘n Trace

Studies estimate that the cost of counterfeiting branded goods has grown to $1.8 trillion dollars per year and is expanding over 15% every year.

Most people think that counterfeit products only affect a company through lost sales revenue. In reality, the cost is much higher. Companies loose billions of dollars a year due to:

  • Rapidly eroding brand perception in the marketplace if consumers are disappointed with an unwittingly purchased counterfeit product
  • Expensive and reputation-damaging product recalls and liability claims from consumers using counterfeit products
  • Consumers that avoid a brand for two years after a bad experience, and 45% of them share bad experiences on social media

Since early 2000 we have been providing Brand Protection options for our clients.  Adcraft has invested time and resources in R&D to develop a full portfolio of options, some of which are proprietary and patented, in order to help our clients defend their brand.

  • Overt: visual security features such as holograms, 3D Effect, color shifting and reactive inks
  • Covert: security features such as IR Taggants and Micro/Nano markers that are hidden and hard to detect unless using special equipment
  • Forensic: similar to DNA and can stand up in a court of law
  • Track and Trace: handheld devices used to follow a product and determine who handles it globally
  • Layered Security: using several types of security features in concert giving a brand multiple ways to validate authenticity and defend against counterfeits
  • Irreversible void if opened features

Reliable Brand Protection

Having the right tools in the hands of your team and consumers is critical to a successful defense. Adcraft offers a full line of testing devises, interface software and smart phones apps.

Adcraft’s technical team will work with you to analyze you situation and help develop a custom solution for your needs. You can rest assured that your solution will be kept private and a tight chain of custody will be kept for your product. For more information about brand protection and our range of other services, please visit our website or call 1-800-892-1051.


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