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Authentication and Security Labels


Security Printing
Authentication and Security Labels

It is estimated that the cost of counterfeiting branded goods has grown to 1.8 trillion dollars per year and is expanding over 15% every year. *

When it comes to Brand Protection and Track ‘n Trace, Adcraft Labels offers premier service and reliable results. Most people think that counterfeit products only affect a company through lost sales revenue. In reality, the cost is much higher. Companies lose billions of dollars a year due to:

  • Rapidly eroding brand perception in the marketplace if consumers are disappointed with an unwittingly purchased counterfeit product.
  • Expensive and reputation-damaging product recalls and liability claims from consumers using counterfeit products.
  • Consumers that avoid a brand for two years after a bad experience and 45% of them share bad experiences on social media.

Security Printing Services From an Experienced Team

Since early 2000, we have been providing Security Printing and Brand Protection options for our clients. Adcraft Labels has invested time and resources in research and development to develop a full portfolio of secure printing options, some of which are proprietary and patented, to help our clients defend their brand.

  • Overt: visual security features such as holograms, color shifting, and reactive inks.
  • Covert: security features such as IR Taggants and Micro/Nano markers that are hidden and hard to detect unless using specialized equipment.
  • Forensic: similar to DNA and can stand up in a court of law.
  • Track and Trace: devices used to follow a product and determine who handles it globally.
  • Layered Security: using several types of security features in concert giving a brand multiple ways to validate authenticity and defend against counterfeits.

Having the right tools in the hands of your team and consumers is critical to a successful defense. Adcraft Labels offers a full line of testing devices, interface software, and smartphones apps.

Adcraft Labels’ technical team will work with you to analyze your situation and help develop a custom solution for your needs. You can rest assured that your solution will be kept private and a tight chain of custody will be held for your product. For more information about security printing and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.

*Source: Counting The Cost of Counterfeiting, A NetNames Report

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