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Label Printing Capabilities

Customized Label Printing

Adcraft Labels has been manufacturing pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging for a wide range of industries since 1977. We are continuously investing in the best printing, ink, and pre-press technology available today. Having great equipment is only half of the story. We invite you to explore our capabilities, and to learn more about what Adcraft can do for your next project.

Flexographic Print

Flexographic, or “Flexo” labels, can be used on a range of materials including plastic, paper, or metal films. Our production facility, fully equipped with an onsite pre-press, direct digital plate making equipment, and state-of-the-art flexographic presses, is ready for your next project!


Custom Labels

Our in-house printing equipment features the latest printing, plate-making, pre-press technology for quality labels. We work one-on-one with our clients to help them pick the best printing techniques and materials and ensure their brand is maintained in the final product.


Digital Print

Our in-house digital press makes it affordable to do short runs of digital print labels. Learn about our state-of-the-art quality digital press. Let’s discuss your digital print labels project, from variable data, paper quality, to various printing options.


Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging for food products and consumer packaged goods has gained popularity over rigid containers like cans and boxes. We would love to help your product stand out with one of our flexible packaging options!


Digital-Flexo Hybrid Press

Imagine integrating the best of flexography, digital, and screen-printing on one custom label. Now, imagine all of these capabilities on one press and executed in one pass.


Tags & Inserts

We can produce any quantity of customized tags for any industry. Our tags and inserts work with a wide variety of material, using digital or flexographic presses. Choose from simple black-and-white options or a rainbow of various colors and grades of ink. Our printing capabilities allow for both standard and custom sizes, as well as custom dyes for any shape or color tag.


Food Safe Print

Compliance and food safety is critical for food labels, lidding films, and flexible packaging. Adcraft Labels specialists have extensive experience in manufacturing labels for direct food contact with meats, poultry, and produce as well as specialty and ready-to-eat foods.


Durable Labels

When you require labeling that must withstand the harshest of elements, natural or man made, look to us! Durable materials that are UL recognized, CSA CE and AGA accepted, combined with our print processes and precision die cutting help you convey a high quality image and protect product functionality.


Security Printing

When it comes to Brand Protection and Track ‘n Trace, Adcraft Labels offers premier service and reliable results. Counterfeit products affect brands in many ways, including lost sales revenue. Learn about our portfolio of secure label printing options, and how we help our clients defend their brand.


Shrink Labeling

Why limit labels to just one or two spots on your product? Take advantage of the full surface volume of your product with shrink labeling. Whatever shape your product may be, the entire surface of the container can carry your brand identity and raise awareness of your product.


Foil Stamping

The shimmer and metallic sheen of foil stamping will make your customized labels pop out on store aisles while giving your product a high-end look. You can opt to print a full high-end foil label or to simply highlight specific aspects of the label with a beautiful metallic sheen.


Instant Redeemable Coupons and Labels

Consumers love coupons. Instant Redeemable Coupons provide additional savings and redemptions right at the point of sale. Adcraft Labels’ print specialists are committed to producing instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) that fully meet our clients’ standards.


Embossed Labels

Embossing is a great feature to add to your labels, as it adds custom design, lettering, decoration and pattern effects to your basic design. Embossed labels have had dyes placed under high pressure onto part or all of the label material. Embossing is a key feature to use if you really want your label to stand out.


Lidding Films

Adcraft Labels offers a full line of lidding films to be used on foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and even foils for blister packs. These lidding films are FDA-compliant and seal to a broad range of substrates for your packaging application requirements. Utilizing food safe pricing material and techniques, Adcraft ensures that your lidding film is safe for your clients.


Rotary Screen Printing

Adcraft Labels’ quality rotary screen printing is an ideal option when you’re seeking brilliant, high-grade graphic effects with higher volumes of ink coverage and color strength. From tactile to high gloss label options, from scented ink to glow-in-the-dark ink, our Screen Printing capabilities deliver a much more high-end look than virtually any other type of label printing.


Custom Game Pieces and Scratch-Off Tickets

Whether you’re looking to create peel and reveal, collect and win, match and win, scratch-offs, or decoders, these game pieces will increase shelf awareness, help your product stand out on from your competition and drive multiple and repeat purchases.


Specialty Finishes

Nothing gives your products that polished look like Adcraft Labels’ specialty label finishes. Blending these finishing and effects is a skill that our label company has mastered. From Soft Touch and Matte Laminate to Tactile, Cast & Cure – we are happy to apply any of the finishes to give your product the exact look and feel you seek.


Eco-Friendly Labels & Flexible Films

Adcraft Labels’ GO GREEN initiative involves the real life application of eco friendly printing operations with an on going search for eco friendly substrates. Adcraft Labels utilizes a combination of eco friendly components to create various solutions for our clients needs.


3-D Pressure Sensitive Labels

If you’re looking for a label solution that will cause consumers to reach out, pick up, and interact with your product then you need to look no further than Adcraft Labels’ 3-D pressure-sensitive labels. This 3-D process takes lenticular labels to the next level. We created a multi-dimensional label that shows optical depth and movement right within the label.


Extended Content Labels

When packaging products are small and label space is limited, Extended Content Labels (ECLs) provide the necessary space for additional graphics and copy through the use of multiple pages. Booklet labels or expanded text labels help increase the amount of space available for text and graphics.


Wash-Away Labels

The use of Wash-Away Labels is essential for ensuring PET products are recyclable. A Wash-Off Label can be removed easily and will not disrupt the recycling process.



Before you invest in custom label printing, it’s critical to get the right design, stock materials and adhesives to make your ideal label a reality.

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