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Cannabis Packaging

High Quality Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging by Adcraft Labels meets the expanding needs of marijuana-centric companies. You need your product label to stand out on the shelf and also contain government required labeling information. In addition, cannabis can lose its potency if not correctly packaged and stored, thus proper, professional packaging companies, like Adcraft Labels, should be used. When it comes to cannabis packaging including containers, wrapping and packages, we have the capabilities, technology and team to make your cannabis packaging a success.

Cannabis packaging is a unique industry because its labeling requirements include aspects from the pharmaceutical packaging industry, nutraceutical packaging industry, food packaging industry and more. Each of these industries has extensive and strict guidelines, which are very similar to cannabis packing regulations. At Adcraft Labels, our team has worked with companies in these industries and thus has the technology and know-how to help you meet the stringent requirements of the evolving Cannabis industry.

Flexible Cannabis Packaging

Flexible packaging for cannabis products is a popular option within the industry. Flexible packaging uses an array of different materials, including paper, plastic film, foil, and other materials. Flexible packaging can be used for bags, envelopes, pouches, wraps and more. Adcraft can produce flexible packaging with child-resistant and/or tamper evident openings. These are completely customizable in shapes and sizes to fit your needs.
Flexible packaging with multi-layer, high barrier films will increase the shelf life of your cannabis product. You’ll also want to consider packaging that will provide for preservation of flavor and scent through increased moisture and oxygen barriers.

Depending on the needs of your product, cannabis packaging can also be formatted into roll stock, labels, wraps, lidding, shrink sleeves, stretch film and much more. All of which will accommodate high-speed, machine-applied applications.

And with Adcraft’s one-of a-kind digital-flexo hybrid press you can customize and embellish your products as never before. We can create packaging with complete opacity or clear, see-through windows. And the digital capabilities can assure brand protection with security and traceability features.

With our digital-flexo hybrid press you’ll have a better-looking label, with features available nowhere else. Imagine the possibilities when variable data printing is combined with the ability to create traditional flexo embellishments. You’ll have the best of flexo, digital, and screen-printing combined in one press.

Founded in 1977, Adcraft has been dedicated to flexographic printing for the demanding medical and electronic industries. Since then, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, nutritional, food and beverage, personal care, consumer goods, security printing and more. Today, Adcraft Labels prides itself on meeting the growing needs of new and evolving industries like the cannabis industry. For superior quality cannabis packaging, look no further than our skilled and experienced team.

Are you considering investing in custom cannabis packaging? Schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience, so that you can make your creative label a reality.

At Adcraft Labels, our team has the industry knowledge, expertise and skill necessary to make your creative vision come to life. For more information about cannabis packaging and our range of other services, please email us or call 1-800-892-1051.


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