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Whether you’re a distillery producing hand sanitizer for the first time or a CPG producing hand soaps, creating custom labels requires technical knowledge and creative expertise.

Demand for alcohol-based hand sanitizers and hand soaps are on the rise. In addition to guidance for product formulation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO), label information and label manufacturing are critical.

When designing and producing labels for hand sanitizers and hand soaps, you must take into account the environment in which these products are used. In addition to the environment, you must also understand the impact the product itself will have on the printed information on the label.

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Creating Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Labels

Producing labels for hand sanitizers and hand soaps, require you to make some important decisions. If you choose the wrong ink for the label, the print might disappear when it comes into contact with the alcohol-based product. If you choose the wrong substrate (paper) or adhesive, the label may fall apart when in contact with grease or water.

Are you looking for labels for large hand sanitizer dispensers or travel-size hand sanitizer? If you are looking to produce both large and travel size containers, you’re going to want a hand sanitizer custom label manufacturer with expert color management skills.

At Adcraft Labels, we understand that to maintain your brand image across various types of containers, color management is more than color match calibration. We’ve won national and international awards for our color matching abilities.

When considering the size of you’re container, you must take into consideration not just the front label but also the hand sanitizer back label. If you’re producing a travel-size hand sanitizer, will the information on the sample label below fit on your container?

If you want to produce travel size hand sanitizer and meet the FDA hand sanitizer label requirements, you may want to look into Adcraft’s Extended Content Labels.

If you’re looking for some essential labeling requirement for your hand sanitizer bottle labels, take a look at the chart below.

If you need further information about the manufacturing of hand sanitizer, you should check out the Hand Sanitizer Tool kit from the United States Pharmacopeia.

 If you need hand sanitizer custom labels, please contact Adcraft Labels. We have the right label solution for your bottles and containers.

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