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About Adcraft Labels

A winner of numerous awards for innovation, craftsmanship, and stunning designs, Adcraft Labels is a recognized leader in the label and flexible packaging industry. With the introduction of the first digital-hybrid press of its kind, in 2016, Adcraft removed all barriers to creating beautifully embellished, award-winning labels.

Adcraft’s proprietary JetFlex Technology™ workflow, allows clients to do more than they could ever afford before. With our digital-hybrid printing capabilities, clients can create labels and packaging with both a visual and tactile shift in color and contrast using high-end embellishments like a true soft-touch finish, tinted foils, custom colors, and spot gloss varnish. Add digital capabilities like variable data and unlimited colors with digital screen-printing on the same label, and you have a winning combination.

Disrupt your market.

Stand out on the shelf.

At Adcraft Labels, increasing the perceived value of your product to the consumer is our goal.


Adcraft Labels Company Picnic 2022

Adcraft was founded in 1977 when the call for high-quality flexographic printing for the demanding medical and electronic industries became evident. Adcraft has since expanded into other industries including pharmaceutical, nutritional, foods, beverage, personal care, consumer goods, and security printing. In 1999, Adcraft began to supply high-quality flexible films to these same industries. In 2003, to support our customers need to stand out on the retail shelf, Adcraft added rotary screen-printing and refined our craft to produce innovative and high-end embellishments for our customers. In 2004, Adcraft began to produce security-printing products for our customers. In addition to these advances, Adcraft has invested in R&D to develop a full line of overt and covert security products to help client’s battle counterfeiting, gray markets, and limit brand liabilities. These security products help to protect a brand’s image and a business bottom line. Some of these technologies are proprietary and patented. We know that today we are making history in the choices we make. Staying at the forefront of our customer’s needs is our plan for the future.

Our Why – Our Purpose

Here at Adcraft, we understand how much time, effort and resources are required to build a successful brand. We know there is purpose and passion in what our clients bring to market. Our goal is to help you design packaging that will both enhance brand identity and improves product sales. Each of our team members’ shares the same purpose and pride in their specific craft and in what they produce. We are dedicated to making sure that your hard work and vision is translated into an exceptional product that you can be proud of. We know that our success is dependent on the success of our clients.

Our Team

Each member of our team has a voice in what we do and how we do it with a focus on continual improvement and customer satisfaction. Most of our dedicated employees have been with our company for over 10 years and are experts in their craft. Each team member, from press operators to customer service representatives, plays a crucial role in the success and production of the best quality product for your brand. 

Here’s our sales team on a virtual meeting the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping everyone safe is a priority for Adcraft Labels.

Our Label Printing & Flexible Packaging Facility in Orange County

Adcraft reinvests in state of the art equipment so that all departments utilize the latest technologies while keeping all processes in-house for tight control. Using state of the art equipment allows us to bring the latest innovations to your brand. Adcraft operates by ISO9001 and CGMP standards to ensure that your products are made with the highest level of innovation and delivered with consistent quality.


We know there is a purpose and passion to what you do. Let our skilled staff get to work helping you build your brand!


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