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As the country reopens from the Covid-19 lockdowns, demand for goods and services is rapidly increasing. Suppliers are continuing to face difficulties due to severe weather conditions, labor shortages, and various other unforeseen effects of the global pandemic. Unfortunately, this demand is placing added pressure on all suppliers of raw materials.

The overall scope of challenges includes acquiring and securing materials, managing incoming and outgoing transportation, and securing labor. These issues span globally and are affecting all businesses in all markets. We are communicating with customers directly to try to navigate this inconvenient, yet temporary, scenario. While many of these conditions are beyond our control, there are ways we can work together to help secure the materials and products needed to meet your needs and lead times.

These challenges are directly impacting both lead times and pricing and are expected to last throughout the balance of 2021.

We are continuing to add shifts, employees, and new equipment to add capacity to give us the best opportunity to help mitigate delays. While this helps, it is vital to forecast further than normal, and get orders in as early as possible.

Please know we are sparing no effort or resources so we can give you realistic lead times. The sooner we know what you need, the sooner we can get to work securing the materials required to complete your order(s) promptly. These outside forces impact our production capabilities; therefore, we ask you to be mindful of this and respect the lead times provided by our team members.

The good news is these are temporary issues. I know if we continue to work together, we can be better equipped to get through 2021. Please reach out to your Adcraft sales representative to discuss ways we can effectively help you best secure the materials and products you need to meet your lead times.