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Adcraft Labels is proud to announce the addition of oil-resistant and greaseproof paper label materials to their facestock offerings. These papers are the perfect support for high-quality gourmet products that aim to convey an image linked to craft traditions. The paper label’s greaseproof treatment provides a highly resistant barrier against oils and vegetable fats while maintaining an organic appearance.

Protect your brand’s image during the lifecycle of your product

It is important to safeguard your product’s appearance while the consumer is using its contents. Oil stains on labels can pose a major challenge when consumers use olive oils, sauces, condiments, and seasonings.

At Adcraft Labels, we help you present a premium brand image at the point of sale and during the entire lifecycle of your product. Whether on a store shelf or on a consumer’s kitchen table you want your paper food labels to communicate quality.

Regardless of whether you produce a store brand or a national brand, Adcraft’s creative designers and experienced technicians will produce a paper label that will help you stand out on the shelf.


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Oil-Resistant & Greaseproof Paper Labels

Unique pressure-sensitive paper label stocks combined with pioneering digital-hybrid printing will produce outstanding, award-winning labels for your brand. With these paper labels, you have access to unlimited design possibilities.

Adcraft’s special paper facestocks have different textures and thicknesses while also having excellent resistance to oil stains. Our custom JetFlex Technology™ digital-hybrid workflow allows these paper stocks to be printed with traditional flexo capabilities, like embossing and true Pantone® colors, combined with digital techniques like variable text and images. And with CMYK inks, you have virtually unlimited color combinations.

If you’re ready to create a premium brand paper label for extra virgin olive oils, sauces, condiments, and seasonings, Adcraft Labels is here to help.

Oil proof Paper Labels

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Oil-Resistant Paper Labels