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Custom label manufacturer Adcraft Labels announced they have won multiple awards at the 2018 Print Excellence competition. The Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California created this event 14 years ago to recognize companies who demonstrate outstanding innovation, creativity, and quality in the printing process.

“This is the third year in a row we’ve entered the competition and won,” said Ken Collins, Vice President Sales Marketing for Adcraft Labels. “The first year we won, we were excited to be recognized. The second year, we learned this wasn’t a one-time thing. Then this year, when we won again, we realized this is just our way of doing business. Our highly qualified staff help brand owners create and manufacture award-winning labels and flexible packaging.”

At the 2018 competition, Adcraft Labels garnered two Best of Category, two Award of Excellence, and three Certificate of Merit awards. This brings their total to 42 awards earned at the Print Excellence event over the last three years.

The Best of Category award acknowledges exemplary work in developing high-quality flexographic printing. Adcraft Labels earned their two Best of Category awards for the 1849 Wine Company Triumph wine label, and the Ink-Eeze Tattoo Vitamins label.

These awards are a testament to Adcraft’s core belief that Quality is not controlled, it is achieved. Their recent Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council and Flexographic Technical Association awards reinforce this attitude.

“We make sure our team has the best training and the best equipment to produce the high-quality labels and packaging that our clients require,” said Keith Mottram, President, and CEO of Adcraft Labels. “That’s why we’ve invested in hybrid technology to create labels and packaging that increase shelf appeal and product differentiation for brand owners.”

JetFlex Technology™, the award-winning hybrid manufacturing process available exclusively at Adcraft Labels, allows clients to create labels never before imagined. Brand owners can now design a label that combines traditional embossing and foil techniques with true Pantone® colors and digital CMYK inks. In addition, the technology allows for variable text and images along with texture and tactile effects done as variable print. All of this executed with ink densities as opaque as screen-printing. And, all of these capabilities are available in one pass, on one press and result in award-winning labels with eye-catching shelf presentation for brand owners.

Use your mouse to rotate the bottle and explore the Best of Category award-winning wine label for 1849 Wine Company wine, Triumph.