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When a multinational client was looking to upgrade their private label branding, Adcraft Labels was able to create a series of beautiful and unique labels while keeping costs in check. Thanks to our digital/flexo hybrid printing capabilities, we were able to accomplish what few other label manufactures could.

The client presented us with one family of 14 different flavors and 24 different faces and neck labels. They were looking to update their labels by adding some flexo embellishments like embossing, spot varnish, and cold foil. With 24 different faces, that could get expensive. Adcraft’s goal was to increase the shelf appeal of the product by recreating these flexo embellishments in a cost-effective manner.

The first thing we noticed was that 24 different label faces and two different label sizes spread across the client’s premium and standard lines caused the product line to look disjointed. It also doubled their tooling costs and required two different setups. So we consolidated the designs into one common size, which saved the client hundreds of dollars and tied the branding together.

Thoughtful Cost-Saving Label Redesign

In addition, we redesigned the job so the 24 different faces became 12, eliminating an entire set of flexo plates in the process, which further reduce the cost. We then alternated the neck labels and back labels in order to create two different packages in a single run.

The next cost-saving feature was a direct result of Adcraft’s exclusive JetFlex Technology™. We re-engineered the job to use a metallic silver substrate and, due to the super opaque white ink available with digital/flexo hybrid printing, we could lay down a solid reverse. Then, due to the digital CYMK capabilities of the press, we tinted the substrate to create a “foil look” without the foil cost. The digital/flexo combination eliminated plate and materials cost literally saving the client thousands of dollars.

Our digital/flexo hybrid printing inks and capabilities also allowed us to create a texture right in the inks thus creating an embossed feel on the label without the need and cost of an embossing die.

This redesign provided the client with 12 unique faces each with a completely different metallic foil look and embossed feel without any additional plate, foil, or die costs.

Adcraft’s investment in continuous improvement and reinvestment in equipment helps us improve efficiencies and provide our clients with affordable custom label options. Our technology lets your creativity thrive by combining the best printing capabilities of flexography, digital, and screen-printing on one affordable custom label.