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You hear the words “game changer” used a lot. People will tell you that their solution is “new” or “innovative.” I’m going to tell you that our new JetFlex Technology™ is truly transformative. I think, once you see what we can do, you’ll understand this is not just hyperbole. In all honesty, you’ll never look at labels and flexible packaging the same way again.

Creative Labels & Flexible Packaging

You need your product to stand out on the shelf but every label idea you have is shot down because it’s “too expensive.” Or your printer says, “Sure, we can do unique wine bottle label for wineriesthat.” but then you see the finished label and the colors are muted; they don’t “Pop.”

You have all these great label and flexible packaging ideas but no one seems to be able to bring them to market.

Well, that’s all about to change.

Your limitations are gone. Clear labels with vibrant opaque colors are now a reality. Now you can make a more beautiful label in a more cost effective way.

Make Your Colors “Pop”

Until now, if you wanted vibrant colors you’d need to use rotary screen-printing. The problem is that screen-printing is a very expensive solution. There’s the cost for the screens, one for each color. At $1,200-$1,500 per screen, that adds up to a lot of money. Not to mention having to make another screen, for each color, after they wear out.

In addition to cost there are few companies that have presses with the ability to print using more than one or two screen-printing heads. That’s why you were limited to a one or two-color job.

There are digital options when it comes to multi-color printing but most equipment out there produces muted and bland colors.

The Key to Strong, Vibrant Colors

The key to creating strong, vibrant and beautiful colors starts with the ability to print a brilliant, opaque white. Most flexo and digital printers will tell you they can create an opaque white with two “hits” of white. This presents a few of issues.

First, there’s the added expense. Two hits of any color, including white, require the purchase of two plates or two screens, depending on the printing process.

Clear white label with white opaqueSecond, there’s the problem of registration. Printing one color directly onto the second color requires near perfect registration. This is especially critical when printing small font sizes like the ingredients on the back of glass, cosmetic tubes, and the like.

Third, even when printers try and double hit the white ink, in flexo and digital, the whites are not a brilliant white. The white is still translucent. This causes all other colors applied on top of the white ink to look dull and muted. You can see a sample in the photo. Take a look at the 40 Point Text image. Which white would you like to use on your labels and flexible packaging?

The Transformative Option

Adcraft’s digital-flexo hybrid press with JetFlex Technology™ produces opaque whites that make brilliant colors possible. On one press and in one pass you can print a full gamut of colors.Opaque colors on clear label


·     Your labels printed with vibrant CMYK colors

·     An opaque white ink that does not need a double hit

·     A white ink that allows all other color inks to “Pop”

·     A white ink that’s readable with 4pt type

And this is just the beginning. In the coming weeks I’ll be outlining additional benefits to using JetFlex Technology™ including the ability to:

·     Print with your brand’s Pantone® color

·     Add variable text and images

·     Add traditional flexo embellishments

·     Add special foils and tints

·     Add tactile embellishments on a clear label

·     Reduced overall cost of inventory

·     Reduced minimum run quantities

·     Reduce time to market due to one pass capabilities

I hope you’re as excited as I am. You can now do things you could never do before. You can print super opaque white with a rainbow of colors. You can now create better-embellished, beautiful labels. You can truly increase your brand’s shelf appeal with amazing labels and flexible packaging.