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Quality is a word used by many label and packaging companies. Most companies even have an employee who’s in charge of Quality Control. Their job is to thumb through a stack of printed labels and pick out the misprints before the labels are shipped. At Adcraft Labels we look at Quality Control in a totally different and unique way. And, as the premier Orange County Label and Flexible Packaging Company, our award-winning labels and flexible products attest to that fact.

We achieve quality in three ways:

  1. Continuous training of our knowledgeable and experienced team members
  2. Introduction of advanced printing equipment and cutting-edge technology
  3. Certification leading to the consistent use of scientific measurement to provide effective, repeatable monitoring of our printing and manufacturing processes

Trained Print and Production Staff

Our employees are veterans of the industry and are committed to customer satisfaction. All of our employees are in charge of Quality Control. Any employee has the power top stop production at any time if they see that our quality standards are not being met. Due to their education and training, they fully understand how to control the variables throughout our manufacturing facility and thus produce flexible products and quality packaging that are consistent and reproducible. And, due to processes that we have developed, we effectively manage production, enhance packaging quality and build brand equity.

Automatic Inspection Solutions for your Label and Narrow Web Printing

Through our investment in cutting-edge technology, we can guarantee quality through the entire print production process. And this goes way beyond simple calibration. Our innovative automatic inspection solution delivers process control and 100% quality assurance capabilities throughout the entire print production workflow. Installed on our presses and rewinders, it identifies defects on labels as soon as they occur, thereby lowering waste and improving quality. No longer do you have to worry about color misregistration, color variations, hazing, misprints, die-cut issues, barcode issues, and missing labels.

The high-performance video technology inspection systems on our presses provide flawless print results. Our compact digital cameras and monitors create excellent image quality thus providing superior monitoring of each and every label.


Adcraft Products believes in proactive solutions that generate cost efficiencies and deliver predictable results. That is why we are both ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP compliant. We are also proud to say we are one of only 250 companies in the entire United States who has earned GMI Certification. Our consistent use of scientific measurement provides effective, repeatable monitoring of our printing and manufacturing processes. We are able to consistently provide products and services that meet our customer’s requirements and comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. All our departments including press, plates, inks, packaging, and shipping are located in-house thus we maintain tight control and chain of custody as related to consistency, reliability, and security.

Our knowledgeable workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, and proactive solutions ensure that the labels and flexible packaging produced by Adcraft Labels meet the high standards required by you and your industry.

At Adcraft we truly believe that Quality is not Controlled it is Achieved.