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A Winning Ticket For San Miguel Produce

packaging for produceSan Miguel Produce wanted to engage consumers through gamification. Their idea was to include a game piece in their packaging that would allow customers to win a prize along with receiving discounts on future purchases of their products. San Miguel approached Adcraft Labels with the project and mentioned that there were a number of requirements that had to be met to ensure the success of the promotion.

First, San Miguel wanted the game pieces to be included in a clamshell container filled with fresh produce, in this case Asian Greens. And they wanted the game piece to be placed inside the container to prevent individuals from removing the game piece without purchasing the product. In addition to these requirements, the information on the labels had to be variable, but not in the traditional sense. Some of the Labels would contain discount coupons of different values and a combination of fortunes and lucky numbers. Adcraft’s designers and technicians researched possible solutions that would ensure a successful promotion.

First and foremost, because the final label would be inside the clamshell containing fresh produce, the labels, inks and adhesives would all have to meet FDA approved food safety standards. Adcraft engineered a solution in which the game piece, an instant redeemable coupon, would be applied to the inside of the container lid. Thus the promotional piece would be easily visible to the consumer.

Adcraft Labels understands and adheres to the standards and requirements needed to create and produce food safe labels and containers. Their employees are trained and equipped to handle the production of these products is a safe manner from printing through packing and shipping. Thus, including the instant redeemable coupon inside the container posed no threat to the consumer.

Second, because Adcraft would be responsible for the chain of custody of the game pieces, they designed a system that allowed for the changing out of copy to accommodate both the printing of the regular coupon pieces and the printing the high valued game pieces. The winning game pieces were then spliced into the rolls of labels but scattered throughout the entire production run. In that way, when the San Miguel employees placed the produce into the clamshells no one would know which container contained the winning game pieces.

Adcraft’s designers and technicians created a custom made instant redeemable coupon with a focus on clean design, function and safety that enabled San Miguel Produce to have a successful promotional campaign.

Adcraft has great customer service and quality products, a great combination for our point of sale marketing needs!

San Miguel Produce Team